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Westminster College holds live radio broadcast for MLK Week

Westminster College President Beth Dobkin introduces the event and talks about the other events that will be happening on campus. The live broadcast kicked off the week-long celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. to honor the doctor’s legacy. (Hannah Foley)

The MLK Community Conversation kicked off Westminster College’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Series: a week of celebration to honor the doctor’s legacy.

The first event of the week was a live radio broadcast Thursday at 6 p.m. People gathered in the Courage Theatre to watch the conversation hosted by the radio station KRCL 90.9. 

President Beth Dobkin introduced the event, thanking the crowd. 

Professor and Interim Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Tamara Stevenson interviewed the panel to lead the discussion. The panel was filled with a number of advocates for Martin Luther King Jr. who educated the audience on his vision. 

Billy Palmer, KRCL co-host, was on the panel along with Emma E. Houston, who is the director of Diversity and Inclusion. Also on the stage were Utah House Rep. Sandra Hollins and Melissa Flores, General Counsel Sr. of the Maricopa county community. 

The hour-long broadcast covered several subjects, ranging from how modern civil rights are influenced by King’s legacy. 

A panel of speakers led the discussion of the MLK community radio broadcast: the first event of the 2020 Martin Luther Kind Jr. Commemorative Series. The panel discussed the importance of Dr. King’s work, pointing to how it influences modern civil rights activism. (Hannah Foley)

Westminster student Bianca Quigley was there at the event for co-curricular involvement and said she appreciated hearing from public figures.  

“Events like these educate the community in a better way than just reading about them or getting information from a second-hand source,” Quigley said. “We’re getting valued information from state legislatures in person.” 

The panel reminded the audience about the importance of coming together to start movements. They also touched on how expanding one’s network of personal connection is how they can grow into a more well-rounded person. 

Lorin Grobsbeck, a Brigham Young University alum, said coming to events like this helps students grow. 

“I find these events interesting to come and learn what I can do to help the community,” she said. “The impact I could have coming from a position of privilege and step up and learn from others’ experiences.” 

The radio broadcast was the first event of many happening on campus within the next week. 

For more information, visit the Westminster College website


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Hannah Foley is a junior at Westminster College. She is originally from Seattle, Washington, where yes it rains a lot. She loves working out, hanging out with friends and going to the movies. She’s passionate about music, dancing and she loves talking to new people -- and just talking in general.

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