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Westminster concierge desk: We get discounts for what?

The concierge desk at Westminster has a list of student discounts from local businesses, but unless you ask stores you could be missing out.

Reece Rhodes, a junior physics major and student worker at the concierge desk, said that the most popular discounts at the concierge desk are the ski passes and the Utah Jazz tickets. Rhodes buys a ski pass using the discount himself.

“Whenever we have the Utah Jazz tickets they are almost always sold out within a week or two and that’s ordering tickets for the entire upcoming season,” Rhodes said. “And then, of course, the ski pass. If we have college students at Westminster College in the middle of Utah, we are going to have people who are interested in skiing.”

The concierge desk currently has Utah Royals tickets for both the men’s and women’s soccer teams and usually get the discounted ski passes back around late September to early October. 

Reece Rhodes, a junior physics major, works at the concierge desk in Shaw on his Friday shift. The concierge desk offers student discounts on many things including ski passes which Rhodes uses to buy his.
(Lewis Figun Westbrook)

Erica Torres, the Student Affairs Coordinator, oversees the staff of the concierge desk and gets the information on the student discounts. 

“There are companies and local organizations that will contact our office to offer our students discounts to events or set something up on an ongoing basis,” Torres said in an email. “We have ongoing relationships with the Jazz, The Bees, The Royals, RSL and a couple of the ski lodges that renew our student’s discounts annually. I also love when students and staff approach me with suggestions on places to ask for discounts; it’s free to ask so I don’t mind doing it.”

Issac Landau, a junior finance major, said that nobody knows about student discounts and he only knows about them because a Noodle & Co. worker asked him where he went to school and told him Westminster students get a free drink with their purchase.

“I think Westminster gets a lot of crap for that because we’re a small private school and so like getting students discounts isn’t a real thing here,” Landau said. “It’s also not advertised that much at all. The U gets a lot of discounts just because they are […] one of the larger state schools here.”

I decided to try some of the discounts myself to see some of what Westminster’s concierge’s desk had to offer.

1. Sugar House Coffee

At Sugar House Coffee students can get 10% off their order. Sugar House Coffee is under a 10 minute walk from campus and has coffee, bagels and sandwiches. Sugar House Coffee also has a four-star rating on Yelp. 

At Sugar House Coffee I ordered a raspberry Italian soda with whipped cream but no creme and a plain cream cheese bagel. With the discount, my total was $5.60. The employees were polite and kept up a light conversation with me while I was ordering.

2. Noodles & Co.

At Noodles & Co. students get a free drink with their purchase. Noodles & Co. is about an eight-minute walk from campus and they serve all kinds of pasta there. Noodles & Co. also has a three-star rating on Yelp.

I ordered mac and cheese and got a free soda with the order. Noodles & Co has the Coca-Cola Freestyle soda machine which has a touch screen and features over a hundred different soda options.

3. The Red Moose Coffee Company 

At The Red Moose Coffee Company, students can get 10% off their order. The Red Moose Coffee Company is just under a 15-minute walk from campus and serves pastries, food and coffee. The Red Moose Coffee Company has a four-star rating on Yelp.

I ordered a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, potatoes and meat. The Red Moose Coffee Company has a cozy environment and is a local business.

Maybe the next time you buy something you should check the campus concierge page for a list of some discounts or ask wherever you’re at if they offer a student discount. 

There are some that do use the discounts just like Dagny Donohue, a sophomore biology major. 

“I try to get as many discounts as I can,” Donohue said.


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Lewis Figun Westbrook is a transfer student majoring in communication and minoring in psychology. In their free time they enjoy reading, writing and most importantly binging Netflix. They hope to one day write queer YA novels and be a graphic designer.

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  1. Do we still get student discounts at the utah symphony like we did last year? That was amazing!


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