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Westminster drag show celebrates LGBT culture

With bright blue hair, Kay Bye, one of the drag performers, dances up and down the aisle. The performance was a part of the Westminster drag show which closes out the school’s pride week on Oct. 5. (Photo by Alex Dooley)

With Beyonce and Lady Gaga songs on cue, the lights adjusted, and the crowd excited, the performers were ready to take the catwalk.

In the final days of Westminster’s pride week, ASW events, in partnership with the Diversity and Inclusion center, held a drag show in Bassis.

“With pride week, we just wanted to raise awareness,” said Izzy Miller, ASW events president. “We did a panel so that people were more understanding and aware and felt comfortable to come to these things and learn.”

With over 50 students in attendance, Bassis was turned into a catwalk where the drag performers were able to dance to the music and show off for the crowd.

“I think that we planned this event because it’s super important to me and for our events team to have accurate representation of the students and the different and diverse perspectives and identities on our campus,” said Kenzie Campbell, events director of programming.

The drag show closes out Westminster’s pride week which is a week full of events celebrating LGBT identities and culture.

“We try to make sure that we have events that will cater to all identities and show that we are prideful and supportive of all the different people that live on our campus,” said Campbell.

The drag performers of the night would stand at the front of the onlooking crowd, take a pose, and wait for their music to start. Each performer took their turn to dance and walk down the center aisle.

“For me, drag is an homage, a tribute, and a way to honor the fierce women of this beautiful world,” said Molly Mormon, one of the drag performers of the night. “I think now more than ever we need strong female voices.”


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Alex is a fifth-year communication major and former member of the men’s lacrosse team at Westminster College. Alex fills his free time reading, hiking and traveling.

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