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Westminster students practice yoga to relieve stress while at home

Hailey Brookins poses on a lookout along a road on Boulder Mountain May 10, 2018. Brookins reflects back on old yoga photos before the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo Courtesy: Hailey Brookins)

Westminster College students are continuing their practice of yoga during the stay-at-home COVID-19 quarantine to release stressful energies through breathing exercises and active workouts. 

Hailey Brookins, a junior majoring in environmental studies, participates in yoga through classes at the Health, Wellness and Athletic Center for recreational purposes.

”There is so much craziness and it’s a time when you are just with yourself and you literally don’t think about anything other than your breath, your body and how you are feeling,” Brookins said. “It’s such an important reflection time.”

Practicing yoga encourages her to immerse in a relaxing moment, without focusing on the stress, Brookins said. 

“I have a tendency to react emotionally really strongly to things and rather than let my emotions rule everything but yoga and the meditation class I took in combination with my yoga practice have forced me to think twice before I sit and wallow,” said Brookins. “I am so much of a happier person for it.” 

Madison Paulson, an alum of Westminster, has been practicing yoga with her family for years. They encourage each other to continue the practice and say it allows them to spend time together and keep each other accountable. 

“I feel like yoga helps with stress because it’s a lot about being present and being mindful and so much of our day is spent being stressed,” Paulson said. “ It’s really nice to remind you to breathe and be in this moment.” 

Kate Blair, a junior studying dance pedagogy for multilingual learners, said she practices yoga for injury prevention as it pertains to her major.  

“Yoga has been helpful for stress relief because of the peacefulness and focus of it,” Blair said. 

Even though students have begun practicing yoga for many different reasons, they have continued with their practices during stay-at-home guidelines to manage stress.  


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Alexys Smith is a senior studying communication. She is excited to learn more about managing a budget and work with outside campus organizations. You can find her doing yoga, making short films, and talking with her family.

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