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Westminster’s campus bookstore manager recommends top books, tips for students

Liz Anderson, manager of Westminster College’s campus bookstore, said she embraced her role to educate and aid students despite being a trained chef and having 30 years of hotel and hospitality experience.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for bookstores, gift shops, all of that,” Anderson said. “And I am just so grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity.

Anderson said her number one job is to be a resource to students — but it’s difficult when students don’t check their email.

“It always makes me sad when the student brings a book back too late, and they lose some money on a rental book,” Anderson said. “Paying attention to these things is really going to help the student.”

Anderson said making sure the bookstore carries the books professors want for their classes is another expectation of the job. A challenge so far is communicating with professors to get books and materials in store and on time, according to Anderson. 

“Developing my relationship with the faculty is something that I am still doing,” Anderson said. “And it takes time, it’s very interesting, it’s been a very big learning curve for me.” 

The campus bookstore may be known to students as a place to purchase textbooks for class, however they sell merchandise and supplies, and offer price matching, technology partnerships and textbook buyback, according to the Westminster Bookstore webpage

As Westminster College becomes Westminster University, Anderson said the bookstore will adapt to reflect proper branding.

“We are going to have to switch all of our merchandise over,” Anderson said. “We will have a sale.”

The bookstore is a strong resource to students, according to Anderson, who said she also encourages students to pre-order their books.

“We are convenient,” Anderson said. “We are right there where you can walk in and you can get your book.”


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Kaelee Byrne is a junior communications major at Westminster College. She enjoys skiing at Alta, hiking the snowbird tram and making stickers in her free time. Come rain or shine, she might be running around Sugarhouse park with her little chihuahua named Paco.

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