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Westminster’s campus events see increased engagement, according to ASW Events President

Forum reporter Devin Logan discussed the increase in engagement for ASW events and how these activities bring the Westminster College community together with Denali Zebelean, the 2022–23 ASW events president. They also spoke about some of the upcoming September events to get excited for and the return of some student favorites.

The 2022-2023 school year has begun and Westminster College’s returning students, along with the new faces of the Class of 2026, are showing more student engagement in campus events this year than in previous years, according to ASW Events President Denali Zebelean. 

“People are eager to come and wanting the human connection so it’s really great, and it’s rewarding to see [everyone come together and have fun] at the events, too,” Zebelean said.

ASW events in the first week of school saw large numbers of students, according to Zebelean.

Richer Commons is filled with students walking round multiple tables.
Westminster students gather in Richer Commons for the ASW club fair Aug. 31. The club fair allows students to learn more about the different organizations and programs throughout Westminster’s community, according to Zebelean. Photo courtesy of Devin Logan.

The Block Party was “really huge,” with 420 students who attended this year compared to the 150 people in previous years, Zebelean said. Movie night also had an attendance of about 80 people, and Capture the Flag had around 100 people show up, according to Zebelean.

Zebelean said she tries to cater the best she can to the campus when she organizes the events. 

“It’s beautiful to come together and recognize our diversity and be one big community,” Zebelean said. “You can come as you are and you’re going to be accepted.”

September has some fun events coming up, according to Zebelean. 

Disco Night is on Sept. 30th […] at Classic Fun Center from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.,’ Zebelean said. “And then we have The Great Tailgate coming up on [Sept.] 23.” 
To find out more information about the campus events, visit the ASW website or follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @westminsterasw for up-to-date information. To contact Denali Zebelean with any inquiries, email her at


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Devin Logan is a senior communication major at Westminster College. Recently retired from a decade of competing professionally for the US Freeskiing team, she is excited to pursue a career off of the slopes. While finishing her degree, Devin also works with the US Ski and Snowboard foundation team and High West Whiskey as a Whiskey Ambassador.

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