Beyond Campus

Salt Lake’s first cat cafe might reflect an increase in “cat-centric” environments

It could cost you only $8 to meet your new best friend. Tinker’s Cat Cafe, located on 302 E. 900 South, opened last November and is Salt Lake City’s first ever cat cafe, where customers can purchase c...Read More

Residents and local business owners respond to Sugar House renovations

Long-time residents know Salt Lake’s Sugar House neighborhood for its small-town atmosphere. But lately, it’s hard for those driving through the area to miss seeing road construction and buildings bei...Read More

Some students out of treatment facilities say they came to Westminster for a healthy environment

Utah is home to 47 residential and wilderness treatment programs geared to help students experiencing distress, impairment and dysfunction, according to the National Association of Therapeutic Schools...Read More

Some Westminster community members concerned about Republican tax reform proposal impacts on higher education

The Republican tax reform plan in the U.S. House of Representatives has some members of Westminster College’s community concerned about the future of higher education and who can obtain a degree.Among...Read More

Westminster community members attend rally protesting proposal to shrink Utah national monuments

Several members of the Westminster College community attended a “Rally Against Trump’s Monumental Mistakes” at the Utah State Capitol Saturday to support the continued protection of Utah’s monuments.T...Read More

International students concerned about leaving U.S. since Trump Administration began

Some of Westminster College’s 121 international students said they have been negatively impacted since President Donald Trump’s administration began in January 2016.  Because of the administratio...Read More

Students concerned about what entry price increases mean for National Parks access

Some students at Westminster College are concerned about the increased entrance price for National Park Service (NPS) passes — which they said may make it more difficult for those from lower socioecon...Read More

Politicians from across the aisle come together at Westminster to talk civility

Some 27 percent of Democrats say Republican policies are a threat to the country’s well-being; more than a third of Republicans think the same of Democratic policies, according to a 2014 Pew Research ...Read More

Students in Salt Lake’s EDM community say it isn’t what it looks like

Electronic dance music (EDM) has been around since the 1980s but has become increasingly popular in the last 15 years, with a strong community in Salt Lake City.Though some still wonder about the appe...Read More

Forget 9-to-5: College students find alternate ways to earn extra cash

In their spare time, Alex Cooper runs a clothing company, Jennifer Librizzi posts YouTube videos and Trevor Villalobos plays fantasy sports. But they have one thing in common: they each hustle to earn...Read More

Self-care: Just a social media trend?

Millennials make more commitments to personal improvement than any generation before them, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center study. For some, these personal commitments include dietary choices, ...Read More

Local radio DJ turns civic engagement into a lifelong career

For many students at Westminster College, civic engagement and community involvement are essential parts of both their education and future career plans.“Civic engagement is not just service,” said fi...Read More

Cookie dough fad hits home with Dough Co.

Fads have a tendency to go around like a cold — it spreads rapidly, not everyone catches it and it doesn’t last too long.The no-egg raw cookie dough fad hit the ground running earlier this year in New...Read More

Westminster Expedition students trade the classroom for a van

Instead of learning in a classroom this semester, a handful of students at Westminster College have embarked on a three-month-long road trip to learn about the Western United States, the people who li...Read More

Olympian reflects on overcoming brain tumor to qualify for 2015 World Cup

Before Hailey Duke became a student at Westminster College, she spent almost a decade traveling the world as a member of the U.S. National Ski Team and as an independent competitor, winning multiple m...Read More

Westminster community responds to repeal of DACA

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump ordered an end to the Obama-era program that defers deportation for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.The decision to overtur...Read More

Coffee consumption reaches historic high, raises ethical concerns

Coffee consumption has reached historic records and it's thanks to millennials. Millennials, described as ages 19 to 34, drink 44 percent of all coffee consumed globally and American millennials ...Read More

The drive behind van life

Though some people frown on the idea of living out of a vehicle, members of the millennial generation at Westminster College said this versatile way of life offers them a sense of achievement and oppo...Read More

Dirty Diet Coke takes over Utah

People around the Salt Lake Valley are lining up for specialty mixed drinks at local soda shops, where popular pops are morphed into crowd favorites like "Dirty Diet Coke." Some think the popular...Read More

Students share Sugar House homeless shelter site opinions

Earlier this year, Salt Lake City determined not to move forward with a site on Simpson Avenue in Sugar House that had been under consideration for a new homeless shelter. Though the conversation abou...Read More

International students share their recommendations for authentic restaurants

Students from over 26 different countries call Westminster College home. Though some are here to pursue a degree and some are here on cultural exchanges, most of them agree that food is one of the mos...Read More

Students say American media perpetuates cold war ideologies

When Altynay Kosherbek was preparing to come to America as a high school exchange student from Kazakhstan, she said she was ready for endless partying and gorging on fast food.After she arrived, Koshe...Read More

Community gardens provide Westminster students and community opportunity to reduce carbon footprint

Alongside the warm weather, community gardens have sprouted up across Salt Lake City, providing residents with the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture and how to reduce their carbon foo...Read More

Thousands gather for the People’s Climate march

April 29 marked President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, which prompted thousands of people across the world to join together to promote climate protection.Many Westminster College students atten...Read More

Sugar House Park plans to go forward with dredging project after animals have become sick and died

Some Sugar House residents said they won't walk their dogs in Sugar House Park anymore after numerous birds have died and dogs have become sick from the pond water.Now, community members said they hop...Read More

Water distribution issues across the state impact recreationalists and the environment

Experts say water distribution issues across Utah—the second-driest state in the country— can have negative impacts on wildlife populations, the environment and recreationalists.Much of Utah's water i...Read More

Music, beer and friends: Westminster community talks about the importance of nightlife

Sure, college is about students furthering their academic careers and gaining knowledge. But what’s a college experience without a few late nights and a little tequila?That's what some Westminster Col...Read More

Students “Take Back the Night” in march for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

College students and community supporters in Salt Lake City came together for a "Take Back the Night" march on April 5 to express their support for victims of sexual violence as a part of Sexual Assau...Read More

Students say social media spurs FOMO (fear of missing out)

Looking back on spring break, students who didn't travel for trips home, adventures with friends or solo excursions said they felt a disconnect as social media posts from their peers' break activities...Read More

Local entrepreneur says Westminster education has been instrumental in his success

Though the transition from college to career isn’t always easy for new graduates, Westminster College alumnus Jordan Pryor said his education set him up for success.“Going through school, I never coul...Read More

Out-of-state students surprised by quality of Utah tattoos

Nearly half of Westminster College's student body comes from out of state. Though there cultural surprises often come when moving states, some of these students said one thing they didn't expect was S...Read More

Student combines degree with tattoo apprenticeship to make her passion reality

When Saige Salazar asked herself how she could sell her art and still make a living, she said tattooing just fell into place.Salazar, a sophomore communication major at Westminster College, is also an...Read More

Former Westminster student fights cancer with faith

Approximately 40 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute. Former Westminster student Landen Hansen, who w...Read More

Salt Lake Valley, education, art and outdoor communities converge

Andrew Pollard, a recent Westminster College graduate, was raised in the aesthetic lands and mountain ranges of the Salt Lake Valley, which provided the foundation for the ideas behind his art as a me...Read More

Thrift store clothing becomes a party fashion trend

It's Thursday night. As you walk into the tiny and crowded house party, you're surrounded by loud music playing from the speakers and students who look like they stepped out of your Grandma Bertha's c...Read More

May Term and the presidential term collide: Westminster professor declines international travel during Trump presidency

Westminster College’s assistant provost for global learning, Sara Demko, said she hopes President Donald Trump’s administration does not bode badly for this year’s seven May Term Study Experiences.Dem...Read More

Alcohol age limit inconsistencies across globe affect international students

It was Ashley Dechant's first night in Utah. She didn't have many friends, but she was with a group of four boys and four girls who piled into a car to drive to a University of Utah fraternity party. ...Read More

Millennials in the workforce respond to generational stereotypes

Though students across the nation respond to the stereotypes associated with the millennial generation in different ways, many said they use them as motivation and an opportunity to learn.Millennials ...Read More

Protesters gather for ‘Not My President’s Day’ rally

Approximately 200 Utahns gathered with signs at Washington Square in Salt Lake City for the Not My President’s Day rally on Feb. 20. The rally provided individuals the opportunity to protest the words...Read More

Owners of Mystic Hobby Games discuss Utah’s gaming community

The Forum visited Mystic Hobby Games in Sandy City, Utah, and talked to the store’s owners about the local gaming community.

Student musicians juggle assignments and aspirations

Despite the huge price tag associated with higher education, college isn't every student's top priority. In fact, some students at colleges across the state attend college reluctantly for the stabilit...Read More

Westminster professors and students protest in support of Salt Lake refugees

Westminster College professors and students came together to protest President Donald Trump's temporary ban on refugees and on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries at the Salt Lake City Mar...Read More

Chaffetz draws huge crowds at town hall meeting

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz held a packed and chaotic town-hall meeting  in Cottonwood Heights on Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. Hundreds were unable to get in, and many of those who did met Chaffetz with shoutin...Read More

Students start sex work to pay tuition at Westminster College

One October day, Kaylee dressed in high-waisted short shorts and a homemade striped crop top to meet Jay at a local coffee shop. They agreed to meet over coffee before Kaylee gave him the advertised $...Read More

Local shop offers alternative healing with Eastern medicine

Filled with crystals, windchimes and its very own dove, Turiya’s Gifts founder and staff said they want their store to be an oasis for people looking to relieve stress, feel balanced and have fun.Turi...Read More

Conversations about Native American rights continue after Native American Heritage Month

On Nov. 24, millions of Americans sat down to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a holiday the United to End Genocide organization said celebrates over 500 years of genocide against Native Americans that beg...Read More

Westminster alumnus paves the way for local artists

The Borough, located on 819 E. 2100 South, is a new Sugar House music venue bringing free live music from local and out-of-state bands to music fans of all age groups. Andres Escobar, a Westminst...Read More

College students live under the radar and against the law to save money

Every night after a long day at work and school University of Utah health promotion and education major Joscelynne Mendoza climbs into the old, rickety army cot she calls her bed, located underneath t...Read More

The Park Cafe: a small space that feeds hungry brunchers

With busy crowds of hungry brunchers waiting outside the restaurant for a table each weekend, some people have wondered if The Park Cafe should open a second location, according to cafe owner Sean Mil...Read More

Vinyl makes a comeback

Despite the ease and accessibility of listening to music digitally, some people still prefer the inconvenience of listening to their music on vinyl records.  Across the United States, there were ...Read More

SLC Shred Fest hypes winter sports enthusiasts at preseason event

Uniting two subcultures that both share a pride and passion for winter sports, SLC Shred Fest brought together members of the Salt Lake City ski and snowboard communities to celebrate the upcoming win...Read More

The Tower Theatre spreads film knowledge in Salt Lake City

The Tower Theatre is the oldest running movie house in Salt Lake City, dating back to 1928. Today, the Tower Theatre is part of the Salt Lake Film Society and serves as a cultural center revolving aro...Read More

First-time voters celebrate the end of their election fatigue

Students across campuses in Salt Lake may not agree on who to vote for, but on Nov. 8, many agreed they were glad the election was over.“This election cycle seemed much more fatiguing because we dealt...Read More

Tattoo tolerance in the workplace

Some students at Westminster College said tattoos—a form of expression that has long been deemed inappropriate in professional settings—seem to be gaining acceptance in the workplace. However, it stil...Read More

Students donate plasma to pay the bills

Once a week, Westminster College student Si Ning Chan watches a movie at Biomat USA Plasma Center while her blood is pulled and returned to her vein.After finding out she could make money for donating...Read More

Why eating raw food can change your life

Omar’s Rawtopia is a raw, vegan, gluten-free and organic restaurant committed to supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and only one of a few plant-based restaurants in Salt Lake City.Westmins...Read More

Sugar House Farmers Market to debut first fall market close to home for Westminster students

The Sugar House Farmers Market announced it will be extending its season into the fall for its first annual Fall Harvest Market.The market recently found its summer home at Fairmont Park, but it won’t...Read More

Food truck craze on the rise

Lanikai Express owner Daysha Filipe wakes up every morning at seven to get her food truck ready and on location in time for the lunch rush.“Food trucks have been a big thing in the past three years, a...Read More

Standing up for stand up: Salt Lake comedians say comedy thrives under political correctness

Comedians Jerry Seinfeld, John Cleese and Chris Rock have all said they feel political correctness (PC) is killing comedy—a sentiment not every comic shares.Comics in Salt Lake City are reading betwee...Read More

SOMI Vietnamese Bistro treats Sugar House dining scene

Attention all foodies: thanks to SOMI Vietnamese Bistro, there’s a new authentic Asian restaurant in town.SOMI, located off 1215 E. Wilmington Ave., is one of the more recent additions to the Sugar Ho...Read More

Game night every night

Space. The ever-expanding void outside our planet’s atmosphere where stars, moons, comets and other planets exist. For members of the Star Wars X-Wing league, it’s a place to be conquered.The league m...Read More

Out-of-state students struggle to cast ballots this election

Zoë Zeerip, a junior environmental studies major from Sparta, Michigan, said she plans to vote for Clinton in her first presidential election—but said it’s difficult to access a ballot from another st...Read More

Hundreds march through downtown Salt Lake to protest rape culture

Around 300 people marched from Washington Square to the Capitol building, holding signs and chanting to protest rape culture on Sept. 24 as part of the fifth annual Slut Walk—this year titled “The Wal...Read More

Utah State Fair incorporates diversity in art and culture

The Utah State Fair happens around Labor Day weekend each year, offering local bands, food, rides and flocks of attendees who throw themselves into the heart of the madness. The crowds get the ar...Read More

Drinking tea and partying sober

The pinnacleThe last thing Grady Mellin, a senior physics major, said he could remember from the party he attended the night before he decided to pursue sobriety was drinking beer—a lot of beer. He sa...Read More

Utah’s first compounding pharmacy still serves Sugar House

Down the street from Westminster is a local compounding pharmacy where people can pick up prescriptions, experience the charm of a family business, buy from a local gift shop and utilize a complimenta...Read More

Unhinged; bringing spunk to Sugar House

Unhinged is a quirky Sugar House shop and boutique that has provided a space for local artists and vintage sellers to share their work with the community for the past three years.Located on the corner...Read More

Drum circle creates artistic outlet for locals

Sitting on blankets with picnics, people from across the state gather together every Sunday to drum, dance, slackline, and hoop or spin poi. It’s an artistic social scene that’s a far cry from the typ...Read More

Creating retro memories at World’s Game Store

Although new and exciting video games fuel the current video game market, nostalgia plays a big part in gaming culture.World’s Game Store, nestled on the corner of 1300 East and Highland Drive, is hel...Read More

Top 10 things to do in Salt Lake City

1. Shoot the TubeShoot the tube is an abandoned pipeline with a water spring running through it where many locals go for a makeshift water slide. The pipeline is manually plugged with street signs and...Read More

Students explore Hopi/Diné culture in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah

While most of the students who traveled on May Term study abroad trips went overseas, some were able to experience cultural immersion a little closer to home.Traveling to Northern Arizona and Southern...Read More

Europe on the Edge

Traveling to six countries with four professors over the course of three weeks, students on Westminster’s Europe on the Edge May Term trip trekked across important historical and cultural borders in a...Read More

The Pen and the Lens: student activists explore Scandinavia

A feminist pilgrimage to some of the most gender equitable countries in the world, The Pen and the Lens: Social Justice in Scandinavia provided students with the opportunity to meet with progressive p...Read More

Salt Lake City stands with Orlando

Rain and thunderstorms did not dissuade a sizable crowd of community members from gathering at the Salt Lake City County Building on June 13 to honor the victims of the recent shooting at Pulse nightc...Read More

Coffee, copies and cruelty: Internship nightmares

Mitch Incorvaia loves photography and hates attorneys.He was an undergraduate at University of South Florida majoring in criminal justice when he was offered an internship for a local attorney. Incorv...Read More

The truth of Allen Park

Most Sugar House residents know it as Hobbitville. But to the residents who actually live in the private community, it is simply Allen Park, a private community that has fallen victim to an ongoing ru...Read More

Fice Gallery and Boutique brings street style to Utah

Once an empty building, Fice Gallery and Boutique—located at 160 E. 200 South—brings street style to Salt Lake City and gives local artists the exposure that can bring their work to the next level.&nb...Read More

Decoding the Utah caucus conundrum

On March 22, thousands will attend the Utah caucuses to vote for a delegate (or representative) to influence their nominations for president of the United States. Many at Westminster, professors ...Read More

Utah Fashion Week highlights local design and style

To many, Fashion Week may seem like an exotic spectacle, a privilege reserved for the most infamously luxurious cities in the world—Paris, New York, London, Milan.But Utahns challenged this preconcept...Read More

Real Foods Market: Local, organic and natural

Real Food Market, located on 2209 E. Highland Dr., provides 100 percent natural and organic products to the Sugar House community.The store sells natural health products, supplements and sweeteners, a...Read More

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings for activism in Park City

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sang for community, compassion and activism on Feb. 13 in Park City. The 75-member group, which has engaged in community activism for nearly 40 years, values evolvin...Read More

Smog Lake City

Salt Lake City may be one of the most desired cities to visit for skiing and snowboarding, but the air quality has worsened due to a winter with only a few major storms. On Feb. 12, 2016, Salt La...Read More

Sex ed and misrepresentations protected by Utah laws

Seven Utah residents disclose their trials, fears and torment caused by Utah sex education programs and the conservative culture surrounding them.     Taylor’s parents are out of town w...Read More

Keeping myths and legends alive in Salt Lake City

Fairies, dragons and trolls are just a few topics to explore when visiting Gypsy Moon Emporium, a local store that specializes in myths, legends, fairy tales, folklore and harboring feral cats. Gypsy ...Read More

Student has Pokémon prowess

Wanna be the very best, like no one ever was? Scott Salter already is. The words to the Pokémon theme song describe the goal of many fans of the TV series turned video game franchise—including Sa...Read More

The Orange Effect takes over Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City residents are burning calories and seeing orange while they do. As its one-year anniversary approaches, Orangetheory Fitness continues to attract people from all fitness levels who are ...Read More

Traveling Rockwell exhibit comes to Utah

American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell is a traveling exhibit that spent its winter season at BYU’s Museum of Art. The exhibit contains some of Rockwell’s most famous pieces and the 323 cover...Read More

SLC Hemp: Behind the Herb

There’s more to SLC Hemp, a small store tucked away on the side of 2100 South, than first meets the eye.A truly one-of-a-kind shop, SLC Hemp is the only place in the state of Utah where someone can bu...Read More

Students get involved at the Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival offers students the chance to intern at one of the largest film festivals in the country, as well as see the top independent movies of the year—and it’s right in Westminster...Read More

Sugar House’s Little Free Library

Near Westminster College on 1300 East is a Little Free Library that anyone can use. The library is based off of the honor system, which means that anyone may take as many books as they like as long as...Read More

The millennial travel guide

Traveling to post on social media has become a growing trend in the Millennial age, making travel a whole new social market. Approximately one-fifth of leisure travelers worldwide turn to social media...Read More

Same-sex families and allies react to LDS policy with Family Homo Evening

While many families belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) gathered for Family Home Evening, a Monday-night tradition where Mormon families meet to enjoy each other and rea...Read More

Boxing is for Girls pushes the wellness community physically and mentally

It’s not uncommon for students to drive on 1100 East near Sugar House and see a group of individuals sprinting down the street.Most people are confused of where they’re running from and why they look ...Read More

Students get involved at Salt Lake Acting Company

Although Westminster is smaller in size compared to larger neighboring schools, it still has an impact on the surrounding community, as evidenced by the involvement some Westminster students have with...Read More

Jule Kake and Heart Shapes

A Norwegian Salt Lake City staple for over 50 years, Finn Gurholt, proprietor, is part of the Gurholt family that created Finn’s Frozen Roquefort dressing on salads in heart-shaped bowls and Norwegian...Read More

A walk in the park

This fall season, spend an afternoon surrounded by golden orange trees in one of Sugar House’s best-kept secrets, Fairmont Park. Located at 1040 E. Sugarmont Dr. (2225 S.), Fairmont Park is a 15-...Read More

Music influences Griffins’ lives

Music influences lives, whether it be traveling back through time for a taste of old vinyl or teaching music at a small liberal arts college.  Christopher Quinn, director of music, has devoted hi...Read More

Utah’s unique liquor laws

From alcohol that is readily available, to difficult to find and to somewhere in between, Utah’s liquor laws are frequently changing. Some point the finger of the frequent change of state liquor ...Read More

Kilby Court: The real-life Garage Band

Pumping live, local music from a rusting garage, Kilby Court is an off-beat and affordable space for students to get a taste of alternative music.Kilby Court is an all-ages concert venue located in Sa...Read More

The community’s “Best Friends”

Need a break from studying or are an animal lover in general? Students can visit the Best Friends Animal Society located 2005 S. 1100 East in Sugar House. Visitors can get involved, take a break and b...Read More

East High secrets

Standing straight since 1913, East High may have more stories to tell underground than what’s seen from above. With the new building completed in 1997, East High School—located on 840 S. 1300 Eas...Read More

Transition: Life from college to the career world

In the spring, millions of recently graduated college seniors will start their careers. Some students will have a job lined up right after graduation. For others, it might be more difficult to find th...Read More

Back alley: Acme Camera

Directly across the street from Sugar House Pub, off the beaten path and nestled in an alley, sits Sugar House’s local camera shop: Acme Camera Company.With camera gear ranging from film to digital, A...Read More

The parliament and religious tolerance on Westminster’s campus

From Chicago to Cape Town, to Barcelona to Melbourne and, finally, to Salt Lake City. The Parliament of the World's Religions was here Oct.15–19, and Westminster students took part.The parliament star...Read More

Westminster students march in SlutWalk for sexual assault awareness

Westminster students joined the march from Washington Square to the Capitol building downtown during the fifth annual SlutWalk on Oct. 3.The rally included over 50 marchers, several speakers from Utah...Read More

Thousands come to experience Snowbird’s Oktoberfest

Utah is in the midst of the annual Oktoberfest. Every year, people from around the country come to celebrate this event held at Snowbird Ski Resort. They can experience authentic German beer, eat...Read More

Indian coffeehouse offers authenticity and intellect

This fall, avid coffee drinkers may want to drop the Starbucks Pumpkin-Spice Latte. What used to be a hot pink cupcake store, Karma Coffee House has come to be the hangout spot for Westminster student...Read More

The $2.2 million storage unit

Welcome to Garfield Elementary School, home of broken glass, dead flies and a door that reads “HELL/ENTER HERE.” The facility, located on 1500 East, was purchased in 2011 by Westminster College from t...Read More

The 2100 S Trio of Faith, food and drinks

The intersection of 900 East and 2100 South just got a lot more interesting, thanks to a trio of small shops: The Tap Room, Even Stevens and Magdalene Religious Goods and Coffee Grotto.Besides a varie...Read More

“British Landscapes” gallery inspires Utah artists

Because of The British Passion for Landscapes gallery that arrived Aug. 29 from the National Museum in Wales, Utah artists are inspired to represent the state’s landscapes through various styles of pa...Read More

The best kept secret of Sugar House

Nestled next to a used furniture store and old plumbing company, the Central Book Exchange (CBE) has been an integral place for book buying, selling and trading in the Sugar House community since 1968...Read More

Coffee drinkers seek aesthetic and quality

Coffee shops around Salt Lake City are catering to aesthetics—sometimes, at a steep cost.Many students are the hidden consumers of “trendy” coffee, often described as hipster. Publik Coffee Roast...Read More

From 12 to 12,000 in Provo: “Kaskade” returns to hometown

In 1992, after serving a two-year mission in Japan for the Mormon church, Ryan Raddon (who goes by Kaskade), performed in a little known club in Provo, Utah. Only about 12 people showed up. But Friday...Read More

Griffins are going Greek

Those who come to Westminster College may choose it over a large university education for its homey feel, small class sizes and personalized attention. Yet, some students who attend the college get th...Read More

Sugar House: Since you’ve been gone

Sugar House did not skip a beat this summer when it came to the expansion of Westminster’s cradling neighborhood.Grand openings and cultural events kept Sugar House busy and vibrant during the summer,...Read More

Students get their reading fix at local bookstore

Attention all bibliophiles, casual readers and reluctant browsers. Skip Barnes & Noble and clean out the Amazon cart—there’s a Sugar House book haunt to check out first. The King’s English Bo...Read More

Blue Plate: The greasy food for a drunken stomach

Blue Plate Diner’s eggs and corn-beef hash just might be the perfect cure for a hangover, according to some of its customers.“I work every Sunday and everyone who comes in is just fried from the weeke...Read More

Sugar House walkway brought to light

What’s bright, beautiful and hidden? Here’s a hint: it’s located in Sugar House.During this past year, Sugar House underwent construction on 2100 S. between 1100 E. and McClelland St. to create more s...Read More

A new kind of park for Salt Lake City

Only in Salt Lake City would there be a park where a Joseph Smith sphinx is the main attraction.Located at 749 E. 500 S., Gilgal Sculpture Garden is home to Thomas Child’s one-of-a-kind artwork. ...Read More

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