Administration & Student Government

Westminster pushes initiative against excessive use of plastic straws

Bon Appétit, Westminster College’s primary food vendor, is fighting against the unnecessary use of single-use plastic, along with many other businesses in Utah and across the U.S., by removing plastic...Read More

Westminster College wants to know, do you #knowyourbias?

Ali Saleh is a senior international student who said his eye was caught by a table set up in Meldrum Science Center recently that said: “We Are Westminster.” Saleh said he was then approached by two p...Read More

Cuts to faculty, staff benefits hopes to balance college budget over next couple years

With fluctuating student enrollment numbers, Westminster College administration has decided to make budget cuts to restore balance, according to President Beth Dobkin. Budgets are continuously updated...Read More

Community confused regarding perceived ‘wet campus’ alcohol policy

Although liquor is legally allowed on campus and at authorized, college-sponsored events, the Westminster College community seems unclear whether this makes Westminster a ‘wet campus.’ In a survey con...Read More

Special election held to fill ASW chief justice position

Westminster College held an unexpected special election for chief justice on Jan. 31, said ASW officials. The student body received an email on Jan. 29 announcing the election to find a replacement fo...Read More

Chief diversity officer leaves college, lasting legacy

Westminster College’s first Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Marco Barker is leaving the school after a little over two years. Barker is set to fill the vice chancellor for...Read More

College administration responds to hate speech signs posted on campus

Members of a white nationalist group placed a banner reading “End immigration!” at the University of Utah’s block U on Saturday, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “Oh shit I didn’t know about that,”...Read More

Long commutes, low pay: secret lives of adjunct faculty

Paula Collmar, a Westminster College foreign language adjunct professor of 11 years, was on her way to teach her 8 a.m. French translation class at the University of Utah. Traffic was bad that morning...Read More

From regulation to ‘support system’: new coordinator wants to shift student perspective on Title IX

When most students and the larger Westminster College community hear the words “Title IX” there is sometimes an uncomfortable feeling of fear or uneasiness that arises. Each semester students receive ...Read More

What candidates should know before student government elections says current ASW members

ASW elections are Feb. 28-March 1 and so The Forum spoke with current ASW members and former candidates to discuss their experiences with the campaign and election process. Prerequisites & qualifi...Read More