Athletics & Recreation

Tune in to Noon Hoops in Payne

Westminster leaders are growing as a team, literally.Faculty and staff bond over a little fun on the basketball court. Thursdays at noon, any faculty and staff members of Westminster College are invit...Read More

Norm Parrish to lead Westminster’s men’s basketball team

Norm Parrish has been named the new head coach for the Griffin men’s basketball team, after former coach Adam Hiatt stepped down in July.Coach Parrish has extensive experience managing college basketb...Read More

Four locally loved hikes

Living in Salt Lake offers unparalleled outdoor activities. Hiking for the novice to the experienced is right at your doorstep.Hiking is not only a great workout, it offers fantastic views and scenery...Read More

Westminster accepted into NCAA Division II

Westminster College has been approved to begin the three-year Division II membership process for the NCAA.NCAA Division II is one of the three membership divisions at the National Collegiate Athletic ...Read More

Outdoor Program creates lasting community for first-year students

Following annual tradition, the Westminster Outdoor Recreation Orientation took 37 new students on various outdoor trips with student trip leaders for a week before the first-year orientation.Westmins...Read More

Salt Lake students ‘Step Out’ into the wilderness

Surrounded by the tall pine trees of the Uinta National Forest and slightly lopsided tents, six teenage boys looked around on their very first camping trip on Aug. 1.Their experience was made possible...Read More

More than just a wall

It sits proudly over three stories high in the heart of Dolores Dore Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center. Students flock to it with small Velcro cloth shoes in hand and chalk-beaten pants.West...Read More