Seasonal Regression unites students through live performances

Seasonal Regression is commonly known throughout the Westminster College community from the shows they’ve played at campus events, their concerts at gatherings off-campus and performances at local rad...Read More

Westminster student brings heavy metal to community through impromptu concerts

Head banging, gnarly guitar licks and the sound of drums that could rupture eardrums: these are some of the characteristics that make metal music. Jay Gagne knows the last one especially well. Gagne, ...Read More

‘No Voice is Too Soft’: Westminster music faculty join forces for annual concert series

Westminster College music faculty members took to the Jewett Center for Performing Arts Sunday to perform their annual concert series, “No Voice is Too Soft,” a program focused on the works of histori...Read More

Weekend concerts keep Kilby Court afloat through pandemic with limited attendance

Kilby Court, a popular live music venue among Salt Lake City locals, began offering limited capacity shows in October 2020 to adapt to the demands of a live music venue during the ongoing COVID-19 pan...Read More

Students reflect on performing without live audience during Winter Music Festival

Music filled the empty Jewett Center for the Performing Arts as the Westminster Jazz Ensemble performed Friday night for the annual Winter Music Festival. This year, the music festival looked and felt...Read More

The ‘other side’ of the School of Music: Technology classes delve into music production

When thinking about a school of music, people may just think about instruments, like guitar, piano, strings and woodwinds. However, there is another side of music that can go unnoticed: audio engineer...Read More