Hunger Banquet educates students about hunger globally and locally

Outside the Center of Civic Engagement, students await to participate in this year's Hunger Banquet. In exchange for donations, participants received a piece of paper randomly assigning them to their ...Read More

Center for Veteran and Military Services honors Veterans

The recently opened Westminster Center for Veteran and Military Services held an open house on Nov. 11 to honor veterans in the Westminster community and beyond.The table at the Veterans Center was fi...Read More

Westminster Student Government 101

The term “student government” might conjure memories of cheesy handcrafted posters hanging in high school hallways. Yet, sitting in a Westminster Senate meeting on a dark Monday night, students may fi...Read More

LGBTQ issues take center stage during Westminster’s pride week

Ranked as the gayest city in the United States by The Advocate—the oldest bi-monthly LGBTQ publication published in New York—Salt Lake City is making a name for itself in the LGBTQ community, and West...Read More

Professor searches for ancient life forms in Salt Flats

Betsy Kleba, associate professor of biology, is looking for signs of life in the saltiest of locations.Kleba is an expert in infectious diseases and has spent time with the National Institute of Healt...Read More

Tattoo perceptions on campus

As a liberal arts college, Westminster students are often seen with exposed tattoos and have few concerns for judgements from future employers, professors or other students around campus. Garret ...Read More

Adjunct faculty take on a new role at Westminster

There’s a growing trend at colleges nationwide: Adjunct faculty. Over 40 percent of all faculty members in the United States are part-time, according to a report by the American Association of Univers...Read More

Westminster students and faculty take off-campus activities to the extreme

Cruising down the street in a group of four, grinding the rails and getting some air. Sprinting by a couple practicing lifts, realizing Acroyoga is pretty legit. Students and faculty on Westminster’s ...Read More

Westminster community hopes to provide an inviting environment for LDS students

President Steve Morgan and Vice President of Enrollment Management John Baworowsky said they hope to increase enrollment by showcasing Westminster as an option for LDS students.To strategize how to at...Read More

Chase Ross pushes the Westminster community to address campus inclusion

Gore Auditorium was filled on the night of Thursday, Oct. 22, as students, faculty, local high school students and other members of the Westminster community flocked to the auditorium to hear Chase Ro...Read More